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Collaborative Project Samuel Pepys School

‘Walliams and Dickens classes initially split into two groups the sensory group who explored mixed mediums and methods through sensory approaches to create a collaborative art piece in preparation for the creation of the main project. While the steering group visited the Fitzwilliam Museum to see ‘Cupid and Psyche’ piece. When there we practiced observation skills and reflection. We listened to an adapted version of the story of Cupid and Psyche. Using visuals like symbols, props and sensory materials to build role play and offer an experience of the artwork. The steering group had a follow up planning session they decided the focus of the project would be God and Goddesses. All pupils then came back together and worked in mixed pairings, with a supporting adult. They choose an area of interest to oversee within their God and Goddess roles and had the final goal to produce an A4 artwork inspired by these areas to add towards a collaborative piece. Each week the pupils would explore different materials and approaches. We very much enjoyed a visit from AccessArt and the Fitzwilliam Museum staff to develop our social skills when sharing our works with them. Throughout the project work was evidenced within a sketch book and a film to share with the pupils their journey.’

KS4 teacher

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